🗒️ Ben's Notes


Thanks for your interest in contributing to my notes! There’s a lot of room for improvement, and I don’t have the time to fix everything. If there’s something that you’d like to add, please do so!

Making Requests #

I use GitHub for issue tracking. Please make an issue before editing anything or creating a pull request, so I can comment on it before you start working on a feature.

Editing Content #

This website is built with Hugo using the Amethyst theme.

First, fork the main repository (github.com/64bitpandas/notes).

Instructions on how to format new files and set up a live development server can be found here. A guide on how to use the various features (tabs, callouts, links…) can also be found on the Amethyst website.

If you have something you want to contribute but it’s in another format (like a Google Doc), and you are unable to convert it yourself, create an issue linking the unformatted content and I will take a look.

Attributions and Academic Integrity #

Although some of my older notes may be missing citations or attributions to the content they reference, I’m doing my best to link back to the original source moving forwards. If you use public course content (such as screenshots from slides, code snippets from a project skeleton, or practice problems from a past exam), please add a link to where you found it!

Do not under any circumstances publish private course content (that can’t be found elsewhere for free online, from an official source). This includes homework/project/discussion solutions, textbooks, and readers.

If you are an instructor or TA for a course that I have notes for and find something that shouldn’t be published, please send me an email at contact@bencuan.me so I can remove it and scrub it from the git history.

Credits #

Here’s a list of individuals who have made meaningful contributions to these notes over the years! If you make a pull request, feel free to add your name here as well.