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Here are some resources!

My Resources #

Scheme Cheat Sheet #

This cheat sheet was created in Fall 2021 and includes Scheme syntax bits, and correspondences to Python.

61A Scheme Cheat Sheet

Discussion and Lab Slides #

These slides were created by me and presented during the Spring 2022 offering of CS61A.

Discussion 1Expressions, values, statements, control, environment diagrams
Discussion 2Higher order functions
Discussion 3Recursion
Discussion 4Tree recursion, lists
Discussion 5Sequences, mutability, OOP
Discussion 6String representation, trees
Discussion 7Linked lists, iterators, generators
Discussion 10Scheme
Discussion 11Tail Recursion
Discussion 12Programs as Data
Discussion 13Regex, BNF
Discussion 14Some advice
Lab 1Python Syntax
Lab 2Higher order functions, lambdas
Lab 4Recursion, tree recursion
Lab 5List comprehensions, mutation
Lab 6OOP, inheritance
Lab 7Trees, linked lists
Lab 8Efficiency
Lab 10Scheme
Lab 11Interpreters
Lab 12Data Abstraction
Lab 13Regex
Lab 14Final review + tips

Other Resources #

These resources were created by other 61A TA’s throughout the years.

Official 61A Resource PageGo here first!!
Albert Wu’s NotesLots of good practice problems, as well as notes on important, often overlooked topics like debugging, style, vim, and git.
Jade’s 61A GuideComprehensive 61A notes with practice problems and solutions
Sequoia’s TextbookA lot of information in textbook format with interactive environment diagrams